Graphic Design

Often, images and ideas are seen in a dream or a vision and are often difficult to express.
BAG-IT S.A.L. is able to understand and capture that dream, and transform it by its expertise and imprint it.

Our professional design team is ready to assist you in the development of your artwork and print layouts to meet your specific needs.
We also provide print testing, such as HP prints, prepared by our technical office.

BAG-IT S.A.L. can also provide customers with innovative design ideas that follow the market trends.
We have flexible design, layout, and colors that help satisfy all customer tastes and requirements.

Branding & Marketing

BAG-IT S.A.L. also provides consultation for better branding of the customers' products. With better branding, we spread awareness and meanwhile, the customers' messages are clearly reached their targeted markets.

We believe that shopping-bags are loud announcements that stretch out to a vast number of people, since the branded bag is being flashed to the crowd while it is being carried around. In addition, it is an ongoing continuous advertisement since these bags are not disposed of and are practically reusable.

Printing is an art and an essential mean of communication that reaches out to a huge crowd directly and indirectly. It is a mobile advertisement!

Print Ready

All we need from you is a vector logo, and our design team will do the rest.

Four or less colours

Five or more colours

Adding a spot colours to CMYK
Adding Coated, Uncoated, Metallic and Flourescent

Suitable for Logos, Designs & Artwork
Outlined Text



*PDFs can contain bitmaps, please check it's fully vector before sending.

Inverting colour for reduce ink coverage schemes can be a cost effective choice



For example:

Uses ink percentages to fade out a colour
Proof recommended to gurantee results

Logistics & Distribution

Multiple production lines work simultaneously on different product sizes and designs.
This guarantees the necessary flexibility in relation to the quality, the quantity, and specifically the delivery times requested by the customers.

We distribute goods by pallet loads, single boxes or plastic packaging.
Also, we have warehousing facilities for orders that need "split/deferred" deliveries, and in addition, we offer temporary storage area for our customers.
We ship our products internationally, for foreign markets as per agreement with the customer.

We always PROMISE to deliver and export all our ECO-FRIENDLY prodcuts with persistent QUALITY, in a TIMELY-manner to satisfy our Local and foreign (UAE, Europe & Africa) CUSTOMERS.